Huey. W
Art Director | Designer | Illustrator


Move is a fusion of fashion and on-the-go electronics, we like to call Fashtronics. It’s a store that offers a curated range of only the best mobility products including: Tablets, mobile phones (post paid and pre paid options), laptops, headphones, cameras, MP3’s and trend lead, fashion branded accessories to enhance your look.

A store for the fashion savvy, merchandised in a way that makes it easy to choose the right solution for you. You’ll be guided by a specially selected, Move tech stylist who will help you make the right choice the first time, and get you moving with the latest tech the moment you leave the store.

Creating MOVE Store

move finalArtboard 1.jpg
move finalArtboard 2.jpg
move finalArtboard 3.jpg
move finalArtboard 4.jpg
move finalArtboard 5.jpg
move finalArtboard 6.jpg
move finalArtboard 7.jpg